25 Feb 2023


Know more about indian influencer, Amrita Khanal !


Amrita is an actor, dancer and social media influencer, She makes lip-sync videos and dance videos.


Amrita Khanal was born on 19 November 2001 in Delhi ,India. Her age is around 21 years till 2023.


Amrita Khanal used to work for YouTube channel, Earth in their recreation and dance videos of Trending Indian song with her co partner Rahul Ghildiyal.

Amrita & Rahul 

In 2019, she was sperated from Earth Channel and opened a new channel with Rahul Ghildiyal.


Amrita has around 1 million + followers combining her Instagram and Youtube fan following.

net worth

Amrita Khanal estimated net worth is around 50 Lakhs INR from her multiple source of income.




amrita khanal




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