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Kunal Shah

Kunal Shah

Kunal Shah is an Indian entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist (VC), founder of CRED, founder and ex-CEO of FreeCharge.

Born20 May 1983
Height5ft 6 in (167 cm)
FatherDilip Kumar Shah
Spouse Married



Kunal Shah is an Indian Entrepreneur who is one of the best and most successful business man. He is the founder and CEO of CRED and a credit card solution provider with a unique approach which was founded in 2018. Kunal Shah CRED considered as the second fastest growing Unicorn startup in India.

His previous projects are PaiseBack, a cashback and promotional discount campaign platform for retailers. He is a serial entrepreneur who began his business PaiseBAck in 2009 and Free Charge in 2010.

His most successful venture was Freecharge, which was ultimately sold to Snapdeal for $400 million and the new compnay CRED was introduced by Shah in 2018 with his never-ending effort ships.


Kunal Shah was born on 20 May 1983 in Mumbai, Maharashtra into a Gujarati family. His father was a businessman and his mother worked in the insurance sector.

From a young age, Kunal used to help his father in his business. He has a brother, Rohan Shah. His wife name is Bhavna Shah and the couple has no kids.


Shah earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Wilson College in Mumbai and then dropped out of the Narsee Institute of Management Studies.

Shah began to work as a junior programmer in a company named “TIS International Inc” as a youngster in 2000 when he was a victim of the Financial Crisis.

Kunal Shah
Kunal Shah


Kunal Shah’s first business venture was Paiseback, a company that offers cashback promotions to organised shops. He also tried to establish good relationships with localised centres of companies such as McDonald’s, Barista Coffee, Dominos, and Croma in order to offer cashback offers to customers who were referred by Paise, but he failed miserably and was thwarted by online players such as Coupon Duniya, smartphone and others.

He worked for many companies as a CEO from 2000 to 2010. From August 2010 he started his own company FreeCharge. In January 2016 he worked for an American seed money startup named “Y Combinator”.

He also worked for the Internet and Mobile Association of India as a Chairman. He also did some advisory work at Sequoia Capital.

Shah founded FreeCharge in 2010, along with Sandeep Tandon, seeing the potential of online recharging in a growing market. In April 2015, FreeCharge was acquired by Snapdeal for an estimated amount of $400 million.

Shah was appointed as the new CEO of the company. Kunal also led the acquisitions of Wishberg and Preburn in 2014.

Shah is an active angel investor in a number of startups such as Innov8, Spinny, Zepo, Unacademy, and Bharat Bazaar.

Kunal Shah
Kunal Shah

Honors & Awards

  • In 2015 and 2016, Kunal was featured in the Fortune India 40 under 40 list.
  • In 2016, he was featured in the Economic Times 40 under Forty list and also received the Comeback award from Economic Times.
Kunal Shah
Kunal Shah

Delta 4 theory-

Kunal coined Delta 4 theory and this theory helps in predicting the success of startups.

Whenever the delta of efficiency will be greater than 4, then the business would have high chances of success and profitability and the business would last for a very long period.

The components of this theory are-

  • Irreversibility.
  • Unique Bragworthy Proposition (UBP).
  • Tolerance.


The product or service which offers Delta 4 would be so efficient that people will never think of going to the other inefficient products or services.

Unique Bragworthy Proposition (UBP)-

A Delta 4 product can become successful even without advertising because the product will be so good that its customers would brag (do free word-of-mouth marketing) and introduce the product to others.


As a Delta 4 product will be many times more efficient than the competition, the consumers of a Delta 4 product will exhibit high tolerance and wouldn’t consider leaving a Delta 4 product for minor impediments.

Kunal Shah became a very successful tech entrepreneur despite hailing from a non-technical educational background.

Kunal Shah
Kunal Shah

Kunal Shah Net worth

According the online resources the estimated net worth of Kunal Shah is to be $400 million which is around Rs. 3200 Crore.

Kunal Shah
Kunal Shah

Net Worth$400 million
Net Worth In Indian Rupees3200 crores (INR).
Monthly Income And Salary10 Crore +
Yearly Income 120 Crore
Income Source Business

Social Media of Kunal Shah

Kunal Shah


Kunal Shah
Kunal Shah


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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is Kunal Shah from IIT?
Ans. He later went to IIT, Delhi and then to IIM, Calcutta to complete his higher education.

2. Where is Kunal Shah from?
Ans Kunal Shah is from Mumbai Maharastra.

3. What is age of Kunal Shah?
Ans. Kunal Shah is 39 years old.

4. What is net worth of Kunal Shah?
Ans. Kunal Shah net worth is $806 million.

5. What is the wife name of Kunal Shah?
Ans. Kunal Shah‘s wife name is Bhavna Shah.

6. Which startup is funded by Kunal Shah?
Ans. Some of Shah’s notable investments include the edtech unicorn Unacademy, the unicorn Mensa Brands founded by Ananth Narayanan, the bike taxi platform Rapido, and the logistics aggregator Shiprocket.


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